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quick and easy step-by-step instructions


Quick and easy step-by-step instructions to control the main functions and to configure system settings of your spa from its in.k800 main spa keypad.

quick start

Depending on the spa configuration, in.k800 can control up to 5 pumps, a blower and lights. Please refer to the spa user manual to identify the configuration of your spa. The following quick start instructions for a 2 pumps and light spa configuration.



spa functions

Quick and easy steps to control your spa main functions and let you enjoy your spa immediately using a dual pump and light configuration as an example.


pump 1

Start, select speed and stop pump 1.

pump 2

Start, select speed and stop pump 2.


Turn the lights on or off


water temperature

Set spa water desired temperature.


Wake keypad up after a moment of inactivity.


system settings

One press gives you access to an intuitive and comprehensive menu to manage the settings of your spa.


water care

Select a water care configuration from a list of 5 factory set but user configurable modes.


Disconnect or unpair your Bluetooth audio source when using the 


Configure maintenance settings and boost level of in.clear water sanitization system.



Select and activate maintenance reminders, standby mode or error log

date and time

Adjust time of day and configure year, date, and time formats.

keypad settings

Select temperature unit, language, display orientation, keypad rim light color and keypad security (security and color are not shown in the video). 



Connect your spa system to your wireless internet home network.

electrical config

Low-level & electrical configurations of your spa system. (authorized spa technician only)


In this section, you can change the Warm weather (Depending of pack configuration)  and Info messages options
Video coming soon



Displays software and revision numbers of your spa system components.


read complete user instructions in the in.k800 techbook


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