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in.k800 at a glance


With its bright, full color display and the high resolution of its screen, in.k800 main keypad provides an intuitive user experience and brings the spa user interface to a new level. Loaded with a large amount of memory and a powerful on-board processor, in.k800 offers a truly seamless graphic interface and a complete control on all spa functions and connected value-added accessories.


full color display

Full color interface to make user control simple and efficient.

truly seamless interface

Menu-driven interface to set, configure and control all spa functions.

one keypad for all

Complete control on all connected value-added accessories.


in.k800 works with the following systems from Gecko’s X and Y series


keypad layout

10 key layout for dynamic navigation and great user experiences


display interface

Function icons, systems reminders and messages, menu-driven selections and eye pleasing color scheme are all elements of the in.k800 user interface that are designed for an intuitive interaction with the spa and its value-added accessories.



notification icons

Notification icons at the top right-hand side of the screen show the status of connected value-added accessories.


in.clear is generating bromine


in.clear is not generating bromine


in.clear is off


system is connected to wifi


system is not connected to wifi


in.mix color system detected

Web_icon_streamOn.jpg 2 audio station is on

Web_icon_streamOn.jpg 2 audio station is off


is locked



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