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water care made easy


Water care features will help you set up your ideal filtration, economy modes and heating settings. Choose, adjust and modify 5 modes anytime, depending on your needs.



With this feature, the spa will always be in economy mode. The set point will be reduced by 20° F.


The spa will never be in economy mode and will be filtering according to the pack's low level configuration.

Energy Savings

The spa will be in economy mode during the peak hours of the day and resume normal mode during the weekend. 

Super Energy

The spa will always be in economy mode during peak hours, every day of the week.


The spa will be in economy mode from Monday to Friday, and will run normally on the weekend.


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set water care modes upon your needs at any time

Choose, set or modify Away from home, Beginner, Energy Savings, Super Energy savings and Weekender features, depending on your needs. 


water features

Using the Light key to the right, modify Water Care categories. Use arrow keys to choose and modify a schedule. With the Light key, move between parameters.

water care settings

The schedule can be configured with several possible configurations: Monday to Friday, weekends, every day of the week and single days.


filtration schedule

The filtration schedule shown on the screen will apply to the main filtration pump. If your spa uses a circulation pump configured to run 24 hours, the screen will show Purge settings.



Water Care section will help you set up your ideal filtration and heating settings. Choose from Away from Home, Beginner, Energy Savings, Super Energy Savings, and Weekender, depending on your needs. 




maintenance (v.7 and up)

From the Settings page, select the Maintenance menu to access Maintenance reminders and Standby options. Use Up and Down keys to make a selection and the Light key to confirm.

maintenance reminders  (v.7 and up)

In.k500 keypad will remind you when maintenance is required, like rinsing or cleaning the filter. The Maintenance reminders menu will allow you to verify the time left before maintenance is needed.

standby (v.6 and up)

This mode allows you to service your spa. Pumps will stop for 30 minutes and restart automatically after. Once Standby mode has been activated, a screen will appear and show that pumps are turned off.



read complete user instructions in the in.k500 techbook



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