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quick and easy step-by-step instructions


Quick and easy step-by-step instructions to control the main functions and to configure system settings of your spa from its in.k450 main spa keypad.


spa functions

Depending on the spa configuration, in.k450 can control up to 3 pumps, a blower and lights. Please refer to the spa user manual to identify the configuration of your spa. The following quick start instructions are based on a 2 pumps and light spa configuration.

Quick and easy steps to control your spa main functions and let you enjoy your spa immediately, using a dual pumps and lights system configuration as an example.

in.k450 keypad ON/OFF - Gecko Alliance

on/off key

Depending on the spa manufacturer, this key may have different functions: On/Off, Standby mode or quick enabling of Economy mode.

Standby mode - in.k450 keypad

standby mode

Quick press and release On/Off key to shut the system down for 30 minutes.

Economy mode - in.k450 keypad

economy mode

Lower the temperature set point by 20 °F (11 °C) during a certain period of the day.

Control pump 1 with the in.k450 keypad

pump 1

Press Pump 1 key to start, select speed and stop pump 1.

Control pump 2 with the in.k450 keypad

pump 2

Press Pump 2 key to start, select speed and stop pump 2.

Blower control with the in.k450 keypad

blower key

Press Blower key to turn it on. Press a second time to turn it off.

in.k450 light key - Gecko Alliance

light key

Turn light on at high intensity. Subsequent presses change light intensity. 

in.k450 keypad up and down key

up/down key

Use Up/Down key to set spa water at desired temperature.



spa system settings

A simple pressure gives you access to a simple menu to manage all functions of your spa system.

in.k450 keypad program key

program key

Use Program key to display time. Enter Programming menu by pressing and holding key. In Programming mode, the following parameters can be set: time, filter cycle start time, filter cycle duration, filter cycle frequency and temperature unit.

Setting time on in.k450 keypad

setting the time

Enter Programming mode by holding Prog. key down for 3 sec. The display shows the current time setting. Use Up/Down arrows to change hour settings (AM/PM) and press Prog. key a second time to change the minutes.

Program your filter cycle with the in.k450 keypad

filter cycle start time

To program the filter cycle, you must enter  the following parameters: start time, duration and frequency. During a filter cycle, pumps will run for one minute to purge the plumbing, then Pump 1 will run for the programmed number of hours.

in.k450 filter cycle - Gecko Alliance

filter cycle duration

Press Program key a fourth time. The display will show « Fdxx », « xx » representing the duration in hours. Use Up/Down key to change setting.

Filter control with in.k450 keypad

filter cycle frequency

Press Program key a fifth time. The display will show « FFxx », « xx » representing the number of filtering cycles a day (up to 4). Use Up/Down key to change setting. 

Economy mode with in.k450 - Gecko Alliance

setting economy mode

Press Program key a sixth time. Use Up key to enable the economy mode: display will show « EP 1 ». Use Down key to disable economy mode: display will show « EP 0 ».

Economy mode with in.k450 keypad

economy start time

Press the Program key a seventh time. The display will show « ESxx », « xx » representing the starting hour. Use Up or Down key to change setting.


Economy duration with in.k450 keypad

economy duration

Press and hold Light key until « Edxx » shows, « xx » representing the duration in hours. Use Up/Down key to change setting. The number 0 means no filtration, and 24, a continuous filtration. It is not recommended to set at « 0 ».


Temperature unit - in.k450 - Gecko Alliance

temperature unit

Water temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit (˚F) or Celsius (˚C). Press Prog. key a ninth time. Display will show ˚F or ˚C. Use Up/Down key to change setting. Press Prog. key to go back to normal mode.

Smart winter mode with in.k450 keypad

smart winter mode

 Our Smart Winter Mode protects the spa system from the cold by turning the pumps on several times a day. This will prevent water from freezing in the pipes.

Temperature regulation with in.k450

temperature regulation

In a regulation cycle, the system generates water flow through the heater housing and the plumbing to ensure accurate water temperature readings, as well as to avoid heater activation in dry conditions. 



After reaching desired Set Point, heater is turned off. Its associated pump remains on for a predetermined period of time to ensure adequate cooling of the heating element, which extends its life span.



read complete user instructions in the in.k450 techbook



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