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in.k300 at a glance


The in.k300 brings all the features you really need to one keypad. Compact, with a big LCD screen; bright enough to be seen throughout the day; simple enough to use in the middle of the night; affordable, yet solidly built.


Compact full-function keypad

All settings and spa function icons available at a glance to set your spa in the blink of an eye.

Bright LCD screen

Bright and large, the LCD screen allows an easy setting of the temperature, winter modes and other fonctions.


Everything you need in one back to basics solution.


in.k300 works with the following systems from Gecko’s X and Y series


keypad layout

1 Pump Model

2 Pump Model


display interface

With its big LCD screen and simple icons, in.k300 gives the user instant spa status information. Setting the temperature unit, economy modes or filter and purge cycles have never been so easy. The smart winter mode icon will indicate the spa user that the water won't freeze in the pipes.



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