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in.k120 auxiliary keypad overview


in.k120 has been designed to be installed as an auxiliary keypad on larger spas and dedicated keypads to control Gecko's value-added accessories


a warranty of relaxation

Designed to maximize user's comfort, in.k120 allows you to run all accessories while comfortably seated in your spa.

simple and easy

Equipped with 4 simple keys, the in.k120 auxiliary keypad makes the control of all spa accessories an easy thing!


In.k120 surface mount allows an easy installation in different convenient locations around your spa.



in.k120 works with

in.k120 compact auxiliary keypad works with both Gecko’s X and Y series of control systems


in.xm control systems

in.xe control systems control systems control systems

in.yj control systems


in.k120 auxiliary keypad layout

access all features without having to move



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