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a new way to control your spa


Quick and easy step-by-step instructions to control the main functions and to configure system settings of your spa from its in.k1000+ main spa keypad.

quick start

Depending on the spa configuration, in.k1000+ can control up to 5 pumps, a blower and lights.



turn the keypad on

Three minutes after the last pump has been turned off, the screen will shut off.

Touch the screen to turn on the keypad and drag the icon into the circle to unlock the keypad.

all-on, all-off target key

in.k1000+ features an all-on or all-off one touch activation key which stops or starts all working components and accessories at once.



From the home page you can access the following modes :

  • swim (if configured)

  • sanitization (with in.clear connected)

  • audio (with 2 connected)

  • color (with in.mix installed)

  • spa

  • settings



spa mode

spa mode

To select a spa mode, slide the left wheel up or down until the spa icon is highlighted in the middle. 

The home page will be displayed with its equipment start or stop icons, up and down buttons, water temperature, messages and quick access to display options:

  • display orientation

  • display contrast

To select an option, slide the right wheel up or down until the desired icon menu is highlighted in the middle.

start or stop accessories

To start or stop an accessory touch the corresponding icon.

Icons on the screen will reflect the speed or state of the devices running on your spa. When an accessory has more than two speeds, press the button until it reaches the desired speed.

water temperature

The temperature shown at the bottom of the screen shows the current water temperature. Use the Up and Down icon to set the desired temperature.

Normally there is a short delay before the heating starts, during which Heating Suspended is indicated under the value.


display orientation

To modify the display orientation settings, select the display orientation icon.

Simply touch the line of the orientation you want to select.

display contrast

To modify the display contrast settings, slide the right wheel until the display contrast icon is highlighted in the middle.

Simply touch the line of the contrast you want to select.


Available with the in.k1000+ latest version, this function allows you to be directly in sleep mode.  If water is splashed on the keypad, you will make sure the keypad won't start, or stop a pump or an accessory inadvertently.



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