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setting up made easy

You can use the Settings mode to manage settings of your spa system.




In the Settings page you can access the following:

  • water care

  • maintenance

  • date & time

  • keypad

  • electrical configuration

  • wifi

  • miscellaneous

  • about




Water care

The Water care page will help you set up your ideal filtration and heating settings. Choose, set or modify one of the 5 suggested modes depending on your needs at any given time.


Away from home

In this mode the spa will always be in economy; the set point will be reduced by 20° F.


The spa will never be in economy mode and will be filtering according to the pack's low level configuration.

Energy Savings

The spa will be in economy mode during the peak hours of the day and resume normal mode on the weekend. 

Super Energy

The spa will always be in economy mode during peak hours, every day of the week.


The spa will be in economy mode from Monday to Friday, and will run normally on the weekend.


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modifying water care schedules


water care

In the water care page, you may modify six different water care categories.

(Note that "Beginner" is now call "Standard-Beginner" on the latest versions)


Once in the water care category of your choice, you can add, modify or delete economy mode schedules.

(Note that "Beginner" is now call "Standard-Beginner" on the latest versions)

filter cycles

You may also add, modify and delete filter cycle schedules according to your needs.

(Note that "Beginner" is now call "Standard-Beginner" on the latest versions)


In Economy mode, the set point will be reduced by 20°F, which means that the heating system will not be engaged unless the temperature falls to 20°F below the spa's set temperature.

The filtration schedule shown on the screen will apply to the main filtration pump, most likely pump 1. If your spa uses a circulation pump configured to run 24 hours, the screen will show you the purge setting instead of filtration. The purges are pre-programmed for a fixed number of minutes, therefore the duration will be set to N/A on the screen, and only the start time can be modified.



By touching the Purge tab, you can change the purge settings, and delete or add a new schedule.

(Note that "Beginner" is now call "Standard-Beginner" on the latest versions)

Watercare schedules with the in.k1000

The schedules offer many possibilities: 
Monday to Friday, weekend, every day or single days. The schedules will be repeated every week. The time and duration are set in 30 minute increments.



Maintenance & Error Log


By sliding the right wheel and selecting the maintenance icon, you may access and modify your spa's maintenance settings:

  • Error log

  • Reminders


Your keypad will indicate all maintenance reminders for your spa, like rinsing or cleaning the filter.  Every task has its own duration based on normal use.  This menu allows you to check all your reminders, their dates and the possibility to reset them.

To reset a task, select it by pressing the curved arrow.  Confirm when requested and the task will be reset.


The Standby mode allows you to service your spa.  Pumps will stop for 30 minutes and will automatically restart after.

The normal page will return at the end, once the pumps will be restarted.



Date and time

Date and time for the in.k1000

date and time

To modify date and time settings, slide the right wheel until the date and time icon is highlighted in the middle.

Simply touch the line of the item you want to change.

set date

Adjust the year, month and date by swiping up and down the columns you wish to modify.

set time

Here you can change the hours, minutes and the time format as well.



keypad settings

keypad settings

Modify your keypad settings by sliding the right wheel and selecting the corresponding icon.

temperature units

Use this page to set the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius units.

display orientation

Use this page to set the display orientation to normal or inverted .

display contrast

Use this page to set the display contrast for a daytime or nighttime use.


display language

Use this page to set the display language. Choose from 12 different languages.

Color options for the in.mix with the in.k1000

keypad color (optional)

If you have this option, you can change your keypad rim color. Eight preset colors are available.
If the in.mix is installed on your spa, the color can then be associated with an in.mix zone.

(video coming soon)


keypad lock/unlock (optional)

This option allows you to lock your keypad partially or completely. The "partial" option allows to to activate only the accessories.
When you will ask to lock your keypad, you will need to enter a 4-digit code.  The same code will be needed to unlock the keypad.

(video coming soon)




(This function is available only if an in.touch module is connected to your system.)


wifi settings

To modify your wifi network settings or connect to your network, slide the right wheel and select the wifi icon is highlighted in the middle.

in.touch not connected on your in.k1000

in.touch module not connected

If the in.touch module of your spa system is not connected, this message will be displayed.




Miscellaneous in.k1000


This menu gives access to modify the Warm Weather option and Info Messages in the media center.


warm weather

When pumps are running, they produce heat that may increase your water temperature.  "Warm Weather" option gives you the option to bypass the pack filtration over-temperature feature.  When Warm Weather is "OFF" the filtration over-temperature is disabled and your spa filtering will continue even if the water temperature is high.  


info messages

"Display" and "Hide" buttons allows you to modify message display.

If "Hide" option is selected, Smart Winter Mode message will only appear when a SWM purge is in action.  Otherwise, the message will always appear when the spa is in a SWM condition.

Also, "Heating suspended" and "Filtering suspended" messages won't appear.



About your spa system



To get info about your spa system, slide the right wheel and select the about icon.

Information about the in.k1000+ software number and the revision numbers of the different components of your system will be displayed.



Electrical configuration


Please do not make changes in this section unless you are a qualified electrician.



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