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in.clear controlled from your keypad


With its seamless integration of connected value-added accessories, in.k1000+ lets users control their in.clear bromine based water sanitization system through a truly interactive interface.

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full control from spa side

(only available if the system detects a connected in.clear water sanitization system)



sanitization mode


To select the sanitization mode, slide the left wheel up or down and select the in.clear icon.

You will then access the following:

  • in.clear on/off

  • bromicharge

  • boost level

  • maintenance level



in.clear on/off

control in.clear with the in.k1000 keypad

turn in.clear ON or OFF

Slide the right wheel and select the power on/off icon. Press on the in.clear icon to turn in.clear on or off.

This page will also give you a summary of your in.clear and boost mode activity.

Note the color the icone indicates the actual state of your in.clear.

Press the red button to activate your in.clear.

Press the green button to stop your in.clear.

control in.clear with the in.k1000 keypad

Press the yellow button for 5 seconds to confirm power off.



BromiCharge™ level

When performing a test, the BromiCharge™ gauge indicates the approximate sodium bromide level of the spa water. 

To perform a water test, slide the right wheel until the add BromiCharge™ icon is highlighted in the middle. 

There is no need to add sodium bromide if the indicator is in the green zone.

When adding sodium bromide, the gauge indicator will gradually shift to the right. When adding clean water to the spa, the indicator will shift to the left.

In order to achieve the proper level, start pumps and add 227g (.5 lb) of BromiCharge™ at a time and always allow 5 minutes for the gauge to react before adding more sodium bromide.


The green zone in the center area of the gauge should be targeted for optimal performance.



boost level


modify the boost level

The boost mode is automatically activated 5 minutes after starting a pump. It will increase the bromine generation rate and keep the water clear, clean and soft.



maintenance level

Use a test kit to check the bromine level. It should be between 3-5 ppm. If the bromine level stays within that range for 3 consecutive days, your maintenance level is well adjusted.

modify the maintenance level

To verify or modify the maintenance level, slide the right wheel and select the maintenance icon.

The recommended maintenance level is 12.

Use the up or down arrow keys to adjust the level.

control in.clear with the in.k1000 keypad

Please note that it is not recommended to change the maintenance level at steps greater than 2. A confirmation will be asked by the system if you do.

If you do, retest the bromine level the day after. If the bromine is not in the 3-5 range and is higher than 5 ppm, decrease the maintenance level. If the bromine is lower than 3 ppm, increase it. Repeat until the test reads a bromine level in the 3-5 range.



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