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web_ink1000_stream.jpg 2 controlled from your keypad


With its seamless integration of connected value-added accessories, in.k1000+ lets users enjoy their 2 audio station through a truly interactive interface that features full control of audio sources, volume and settings, and display of song tag information.

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full audio control from spa side

(only available if the system detects a connected 2 audio station)



Audio mode


To select the audio mode, slide the left wheel up or down and select the audio icon menu.

The audio page will allow you to control the active audio source.

In the audio page you can also access the following:

  • 2 on/off

  • speaker settings

  • audio source selector

  • bluetooth disconnect

 2 on/off

control the with in.k1000

turn 2 ON or OFF

Slide the right wheel and select the Power On/Off icon.

The icon color indicates the actual spa of your device.

control the with in.k1000

You need to press the icon in the center of your screen to turn on or off your 2.

main display

The audio main page will let you control your audio sources and give you access to the Play/Pause, volume, mute and next/previous track controls.



speakers settings


to set your speakers

Slide the right wheel and select the speaker settings icon to set:

  • balance

  • fade

  • subwoofer

Note that the fade and subwoofer sliders will only appear on the screen if the corresponding speakers are installed on the 2.



audio source selector


to select an audio source

Slide the right wheel and select the audio source icon and choose from the following:

  • Bluetooth

  • FM

  • USB

  • Aux. 1

Only the sources installed on 2 will be displayed in the source menu.

Please note that the Play/Pause and Change Track functions apply to devices using Bluetooth technology and USB, and will not work when AUX is selected as the source.



disconnect bluetooth


disconnect from current source

If you are using a device with Bluetooth technology, it must be connected for functions to work.

Slide the right wheel until the bluetooth icon is highlighted in the middle. Then follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

If a device with Bluetooth technology is connected to the 2, you can disconnect it by pressing the Disconnect button at the bottom of the screen.

Doing so will also prevent the 2 from automatically reconnecting to this specific device until it has been reconnected using the device itself.




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