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in.k200 compact keypad


In.k200 compact series of entry-level keypads gives complete control to wet fingers! Compact, in.k200 has been designed to be easy to master.

in.k450 keypad by Gecko Alliance

well designed

Designed to be easy to master, in.k200 works perfectly in smaller spas equipped with one or 2 pumps. Function light indicators and built-in timers will make user's life easier.


No need for thick manuals with complicated instructions. A few intuitive presses on labelled keys will command the pumps, blower and light.


With its three digits, 7 segment display, 4 keys and 7 light indicators, in.k200 keypad is the complete spa user's solution coming in a discreet and elegant package.


in.k200 works with Gecko's in.xe and Y series of control systems.



in.k200 keypad dimensions


Environmental specifications:

  • Operating temp.: 140 ˚F (60 ˚C) to -4 ˚F (-20 ˚C)

  • Storage temperature: -22 °F (-30 °C) to 158 °F (70 °C)

  • Standards: UV resistance (ASMT D4329) UL, CSA, TUV and CE


  • Weight: 0.9 lb (0.41 kg)

  • Dimensions (W x H x D):
    4.75" x 2" x 1.7"
    (120 mm x 51 mm x 43 m)



spa system functions

in.k200 key 1

key 1

Press Key 1 to turn the pump on, and a second or third time to accelerate its speed. A built-in timer will automatically turn the pump off after 20 minutes.

in.k200 key 2

key 2

Press Key 2 to turn pump 2 or blower on. Press a second time to turn pump or Blower off. A built-in timer automatically turns pump off after 20 minutes.

in.k200 key 2

key 2 (2 pumps/blower)

Press Key 2 to turn pump 2 on at high speed. Pressing a second time turns blower on. A third press turns Pump 2 off and leaves blower on. A final press turns blower off.

in.k200 light key

light key

Press the Light key to turn the light on. Press that key a second time to turn the spa light off. A built-in timer will automatically turn the light off after 2 hours.

in.k200 up/down key

up/down key

Use Up/Down key to set the spa water at desired temperature. The Set Point icon will indicate the desired temperature, not the current water temperature!

in.k200 off mode

off mode

This mode allows you to stop all outputs for 30 minutes to perform a quick spa maintenance. Press and hold Key 1 key for 5 secs to activate the Off mode. Quick press Key 1 key to reactivate the system before the expiration of the 30-minute delay.

in.k200 filter cycle

filter cycle duration

Press and hold Light key until the display shows « dxx », « xx » representing the duration in hours. (Default: 2 hours). Use Up and Down key to change setting. It is not recommended to set to « 0 ».

in.k200 filter cycle

filter cycle frequency

Press the Light key again. The display will show « Fx », « x » representing the number of filter cycles per day (up to 4). By default, the system is set up to filter twice a day. Use Up or Down key to change setting.

in.k200 temperature display

temperature display

To set the temperature display units, quick press Light key again. The display will show either°F or °C. Use Up or Down key to change units. Press Light key a last time to go back to normal mode.

in.k200 purge cycle

purge cycle frequency

Press/hold Light key until «Fx» shows, «x» representing the number of purge cycles a day (up to 4). Use Up/Down to change setting. When desired setting is displayed, press Light key to confirm. A cycle will start.


spa system settings


programming purge cycles

To program the purge cycles, you must select the frequency. During a purge cycle, all the pumps and the blower run for one minute.

programming filter cycles

Depending on the configuration of your system, this will perform either purge cycles or filter cycles. To program the filter cycles, you must enter the duration and the frequency parameters.

water temperature

The system generates water flow through the heater housing and plumbing to ensure accurate water temperature readings and avoid heater activation in dry conditions. After verifying pump activation and taking a water temperature reading if required, system automatically turns the heater on to reach and maintain water temp. at Set Point. The Heater indicator lights up when the heater is on. It flashes when there is a request for more heat but the heater has not started yet. 

smart winter mode

SWM protects your system from the cold by turning the pumps on several times per day to prevent water from freezing in the pipes. The SWM indicator lights up when it is on. After heating the spa water at the desired set point, the heater is turned off, but its associated pump (Pump 1 Low-speed or CP) remains on for a certain amount of time to ensure an adequate cooling of the heating element, which extends its useful life. The heater icon will flash during this operation.



in.k200 manual library


read or download in.k200 techbook and quick reference card

list and meaning of error messages



An internal hardware error has been detected in in.xe. Contact dealer or service supplier.



System shut heater down because temperature has reached 119°F (48°C). Do not enter the water! Remove the spa cover to allow water to cool down. Shut power off and start up.



The temperature inside the spa skirt is too high, which is causing the internal temperature in the in.xe system to increase above the normal limits. Open skirt and wait until error clears.



System does not detect water flow while primary pump is running. Check and open water valves. Check water level. Clean filter. If problem persists, call your dealer or service supplier.



A problem has been detected with the temperature probe. Call your dealer or service supplier.



Water temperature has reached 108°F (42°C). Do not enter the water! Remove the spa cover to allow water to cool down. Call your dealer or service supplier if the problem persists.



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