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in.mix controlled from your keypad


Gecko's in.mix color light system gives its user the power to create stunning light shows underwater. Light therapy is truly enjoyed by an ever-growing number of spa users.

Color can indeed entertain, but also sooth, relax and even influence moods. With its three controllable light zones, integrated design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, optimal performance and reliability, Gecko's in.mix is a feature that,
without any doubt, adds value to any spa.




full color control from spa side

(only available if in.mix is detected among the spa accessories)



in.mix functions

By default, in.mix selects Zone 2 when you access the menu. To select the color mode, slide the left wheel up or down until the in.mix icon menu is highlighted in the middle.

In the color mode page you will access the following:

  • zone selection

  • changing colors

  • on/off

  • synchronizing zones

  • intensity



450 des Canetons, Québec, QC, Canada, G2E 5W6, 418 872-4411
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